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Great Laker Camp Dearborn Rally

September 29-October 2, 2005
The Great Lakers had a fun rally at Camp Dearborn in Milford, Michigan.  According to the City of Dearborn's website: "Established in 1948, Camp Dearborn is located in Milford, MI.  Camp Dearborn has 626 acres of rolling hills, trees, and beaches, making it an ideal setting for your summer picnic outing or camping retreat. A sandy half-mile beach, campgrounds, 27-hole golf club, 6 lakes, concession stand and softball diamonds are just some of the many amenities that Camp Dearborn has to offer. "

Several activities were planned during the three day event.  A tour of the GM Heritage Center was a highlight as well as the regular fun of mingling with other GMC Motorhome owners.  There were 76 GMCs camped for the weekend that featured wonderful Fall weather with clear skies, warm days and cool nights.  The only thing that went wrong was a tour of the nearby GM Milford Proving Grounds was cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the rally organizers.

I found Camp Dearborn a fitting place for vintage RVs like our GMCs.  Besides being a regular rally site for the Tin Can Tourists, there was also  section that most people probably didn't see.  It had about 300 trailers and other older RVs that were incorporated into small vacation homes.  I looked for a GMC but could not find one but possibly when some of ours stop running they will become part of someone's cottage at Camp Dearborn.  Besides space in a new campground for motorhomes with full hookups, there are also cabins and tents available for rent.

Click on the following links to see pictures of the rally:

GM Design Center

GMC's at the rally

Vintage RV's integrated into Cottages












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